Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners

5 Best Houseplants for Beginners

So glad you’re here for this post! Houseplants are sure to bring happy and cozy to your home! If you’re a new plant parent, let me help you out a bit!

I asked you guys what your biggest struggle was with houseplants… and I went on a live video and addressed all your questions like… “What are some easy beginner plants?”, “Why do my plants keep getting gnats?”, and “What are some good options for low light areas?” Check out my video below…

Grab a free PDF of the Top 5 Houseplants for beginners here! You can save it to your phone and refer to it while you’re out shopping!

Plant parenting can be overwhelming… take it slow and grab one of these easy plants for beginners! Thanks for stopping by!

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