DIY, Fall, Plants

DIY Pumpkin Planter for Fall

I'm longing for simplicity... and wondering how can I make things easier on myself. Unloading and dispersing a large tote of Fall items throughout my house is not going on the "to do list" this year! I saw this Kraft paper style pumpkin from a few years ago sitting in the tote, and it spoke to me (this pumpkin is originally from Hobby Lobby). I loved the color and it felt clean and calm... so I pulled it out.

DIY, Fall, Plants

“Keep it Simple” for a cozy Fall home

Fall is amazing, it's such a cozy season! Within days, as the weather cools off, we are ready to pull out our sweaters and buy all the pumpkin things! In years past, I have always felt the need to go out and buy MORE Fall decor, MORE plastic pumpkins, MORE wreaths! This year, I decided to say no to all of that. I pulled out my "Fall Decor" bin and said...ok... let's simplify here.


Laundry Room Organization

So it's literally cracking me up to look at the before picture of my laundry room... But I'm so glad I took it. It was that little room in my home that had never gotten ANY love, and it was obvious because that's where all the "stuff" collected and piled up. I decided it needed some spiffing... And it really goes to show, that with a little effort and not a big price tag, you can really make those spaces more inviting.