Laundry Room Organization

Spiffing up your space

So it’s literally cracking me up to look at the before picture of my laundry room… But I’m so glad I took it.  It was that little room in my home that had never gotten ANY love, and it was obvious because that’s where all the “stuff” collected and piled up.  I decided it needed some spiffing… And it really goes to show, that with a little effort and not a big price tag, you can really make those spaces more inviting.

So here it is…  I mean what the…..

Laundry room picture before organization

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So first I decided I needed some cuter and more coordinating bins for the shelf above.  Bins and storage in general can get expensive, so I decided to get some plain ones and add my own charm.  I found these Kelly green collapsible bins on Amazon ($18 for 6..)

Storage bins box

I spiced them up a bit with some chalkboard signs.  I love these because they come in a pack of 6 at a great price…   AND white pom poms which I firmly believe everyone should have on hand!  You just never know when you’re going to need to hot glue some pom poms onto something, am I right?  You can get *12 yards* of pom poms for $14.99, which I think is a great price!  They are also very nice, with a thick trim for easy hot glue use! #winning

Storage bins, pom poms, and chalk board label for laundry room organization.

And with a little hot glue love… Here you have your adorable new bins which cost around $5 each, in the end.

Green storage bin with white pom poms and chalkboard label.

I also knew I needed a rug in here…rugs always seems to complete or create the space for me.  I got lucky and found a cute one at Target on clearance for $8.  I also bought a new valance off of Etsy, total cost of that was $15 including my shipping.  Go visit her at The Sew Savvy… She will custom make a valance to fit your window for a great price and gets it to you quickly too, which is great for my impatient-ness.

I realize not everyone is a decoration collector like I am…but here is where I pull from my storage of decor I have from many-a summer garage sales and clearance finds.  Like I’ve said before, if you find something you like for a couple bucks but aren’t sure where you would put it, get it anyways!  Just stash it away, and you will eventually find the perfect spot for it and be happy you grabbed it.

So I went ahead and added some other things that I had that weren’t being used, like the two tiered table, the chalkboard window pane (garage sale $3 score), the dried wildflowers and vases, and the wreath and frames.  I actually just framed some striped tissue paper I had laying around for those white frames, I thought it turned out cute!  I always! always! always! pull stuff from my house that isn’t being used before I go out and buy something new!  It’s a good rule to follow if you want to keep on a budget!

So here you have it…AFTER!

Organized laundry room. Pretty green storage bins on a shelf above washer and dryer.
Organized laundry room with green storage bins above washer and dryer. - Hailey Duncan Home
Cute sign in laundry room for laundry room organization project.
laundry room organization

So total cost of things I bought new for this space $53.00!!  

$30 for 6 bins, $15 valance, $8 rug.

Shop HERE through my affiliate links for items to make your own adorable storage bins…

*Green Storage Bins

*6 pack of chalkboard signs

*12 YARDS of white pom poms

I would say I’m pretty happy with that price tag for the improvement it made to the space!

Hope you enjoyed and your inspired!

❤️ Hailey

3 thoughts on “Laundry Room Organization”

  1. I saw the first pic and thought, Hailey is so creative, it looks so cute! Then laughed when I realized that was the “before” pic. Mine looks like a dungeon compared to yours, Hailey! Love seeing all your posts 🙂


  2. What is the color of paint is in your Laundry room? I really like how you have the shelves, what do you put in the baskets?


    1. So laundry room paint color is Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay! It’s seriously the best color for bathrooms and laundry rooms! It’s fresh and clean, not to blue and not to green, the perfect mix! Love love love it! In my baskets… they are all labeled and I keep extra cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, stationary, paper, tape etc, cleaning rags! All that sort of thing! It’s all working out so far too! Loving it!


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