How to Paint and Stencil a Tile Backsplash

How to Paint and Stencil Your Tile Backsplash

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I have been loving my painted kitchen cabinets, and have known that I wanted to eventually get a new backsplash to keep it flowing with the rest of the kitchen.  Even though replacing backsplash is not a huge job, I wanted to save money and give it a whirl myself with paint…(because you know, if it can be painted, I want to try it!).

During this process, I use General Finishes Milk Paint in “Antique White” and stencil with “Seagull Gray” (I love that combo of colors too, one of my favorites!). I sealed up my painted backsplash with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat.  This is what my kitchen backsplash looked like before…  brown tile!

How to Paint Your Tile Backsplash - Before Picture

Here are a few videos taking you step by step on how I achieved this finish!

Part one…

Part two… I got my stencil off Etsy at Pearl Design Studio – tile style number 18.  She can customize it for you to the exact size of your tiles!

And here is the finished product!  I am absolutely in love!  It’s been some months, and I am happy to say that it is holding up great!  No scratches or anything, and very easy to clean as well!!! And aren’t the new wall plates for the outlets the perfect touch to my new backsplash?!  Enjoy!


How to Paint and Stencil Your Tile Backsplash. This is a budget friendly kitchen update!
Farmhouse Sink with painted and stenciled tile backsplash

White kitchen backsplash with gray stencil over. How to Stencil a Tile Backsplash text overlay from Hailey Duncan Home.

19 thoughts on “How to Paint and Stencil a Tile Backsplash”

  1. This looks awesome! Thanks for the idea – we’re currently in the process of planning our kitchen redo on a major budget and my MIL suggested we paint the tiles. I was considering it but I really wanted to give it a bit of personality and the stencil will really help with that!

    Thanks for the post!


  2. Love the look of your backsplash! I have large tile in a diamond pattern on my backsplash that I’m wanting to paint but I’m wondering if chalk paint might be easier? Any thoughts/experiences to share?


  3. Yay!!! I think you’d love it! Chalk paint would work great for this project as well, I’d just suggest using a polycrilic sealant instead of wax (which is what’s typically used over chalk paint)! That way you will be able to wipe it down easier without any wear!!


    1. I would say probably so! Just make sure you use a quality primer that will adhere to that shiney surface before you start painting!


    1. Hi there! Not at all!!! I used small pieces of tape on just the corners of the stencil, no need to tape it down to heavily!


  4. I just finished the backsplash in our kitchen & I LOVE it. Everyone thinks it’s real tile:) Thank you for the tutorial and inspiration. Would of never thought of stenciling tile!


  5. Love!!!! I was reading up on the general finishes topcoat, did you have any trouble with it yellowing over the white?? I really want to do the colors you have but am scared of the yellowing and they even say to not use it over the brightwhite/lighter colors.


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