Hey Friend!


Well HEY!  I’m Hailey, thanks so much for stopping by!

My dream for HDH is that women are being ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED to truly love the home they live in.  The home they spend with their most important people.  The home they cook meals in and play board games in.  The home they laugh and cry in.  The home they feel comfortable enough inviting neighbors and friends in to sit at their table and share a meal … I want you to feel proud of your space enough to do that.

I want us to look past the price tag on the items in our homes, and fill it with things that will SERVE us and our families WELL, and things that will bring us JOY.  I want to help you figure out how to repurpose and recreate beautiful things for your home that wont cost a fortune, but that you can still truly love.  I want you to love the space you live in… and if you don’t then I want to help you get there.. and you CAN get there.

I have been led by God to SHARE with you… the things that seem “normal and everyday” to me… I found out aren’t normal and everyday to MOST women!  You’re not alone… Let’s hang out, I want to help!