Lovin’ on some *free* printables

So I just wanted to share a little bit of my love for free printables.  You can find printables for just about anything… any style, any theme.  Have you guys done this before?

The reason this is so cool is 1. It’s cheap.  Download the printable for free, print it out at home or have it printed at copy shop.  2.) You can do so much with them.  Use frames you already have, resize them to be bigger or smaller to fit your space, or even print them on canvases!  So many options.  3. You don’t have to feel bad when your ready to switch it up.  Just go find some more free downloads and you can get a whole new look quick and easy.

So vintage botanical prints… so popular right now!  The are so cute, and can mesh pretty well with any decor style whether you like a farmhouse feel or a bit more modern.  They are clean and beautiful looking, with a touch of vintage flare which is always a hit in my book.  I’ve seen these all over in the home decorating world and just recently started seeing them at Hobby Lobby on wood signs… super cute!  BUT… give this a try first!  Search on Pinterest for “botanical printables” or just “free printables” and see where it takes you!  Here are a couple links to some of my favorite free botanical printables …

But seriously… florals is just where it begins!  I’ve seen really cool old map printables, watercolor art, anything like that… if you have a vision, you can probably find a free printable for it.

I have also just learned from a friend of mine, that once you download these prints, you can have them sent to FedEx or any type of printing store, and they can resize it for you to whatever size you need!  They can also print it off for you on canvas!  This is great for me, because it would probably take me a very long time to figure out how to resize a downloaded picture… 🤷🏻‍♀️ AND it’s helpful when you don’t have to use up all your own color ink.  It also only costs a few bucks!  Winning all around!

Here are a few spots where I have used them!

Would love to see and hear about how you’re using free downloaded prints in your home!!  And if you have never done this, I’m so excited for you to try it out!  👏👏👏


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