the famous curtains.

These curtains are SO famous! I have gotten so many messages about them…”where did you get those curtains???”
Well I am so excited to tell you that those curtains are actually not curtains…but tablecloths! Can you even believe that? I know it’s crazy. Let me tell you about it…

How I made curtains out of tablecloths

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I searched high and low for buffalo check curtains. I mean, I was hunting and looking and trying to find something at a reasonable price and I just couldn’t. I was so close to ordering custom check curtains off of Etsy, they were going to be around $200 for the long length that I needed plus shipping. I had them in my cart for days, desperately thinking of a better and less expensive alternative.

So I found these tablecloths on Amazon Prime, one of my favorite shopping sources!  Great for impatient people like me and before you know it they are at your doorstep! I love that these come in ALL different colors AND they come in 126 inch length! Let me tell you, I was a bit hesitant ordering these, I thought…how nice can they look, they are $12 a piece? Are they going to be crunchy? Hard and plasticy feeling? Cheap looking? It was Amazon Prime, so I just decided to go for it knowing I could return if needed.

I also ordered these curtain clips.   I love these clips because they requires NO extra work on my part besides literally clipping them on the fabric and running them across my curtain rod.

So I ordered 2 packs of tablecloths at $11.99 each. When I got them, I hung one on each window on either side of my fireplace. Looked pretty cute…but I wasn’t 100% sold on it. It needed something 🤔  I phoned my trusy bestie, and she came up with the idea to cut them down the middle to create 4 panels total! Two for each window…LOVED that idea. Sometimes you just need another eye.

So my panels are literally HUNG UP while I am cutting them…because no one has got the time to be taking up and down, measuring… etc etc. So cut them down the middle, cut the length so they were just brushing the floor…and wha lah!… Curtains! So you are probably thinking… she cut them…and just left them? SO yeah, I left them…for weeks. Just up, with exposed cut edges one noticed until they started fraying a bit and leaving strands of string all over the place…I really need to learn to sew you guys. It’s on my bucket list of things to learn… I’ll get to that one of these days. I had my lovely friend and neighbor sew down the cut edges, and they are perfect now!

So do you know what this means?… It means that you can literally make ANY curtains you want. You can go to Hobby Lobby or any local fabric store, buy your fabric in the length that you need, CLIP the curtains to the hooks and BAM… curtains! Some options on the exposed edges would be A. learn to sew B. Bring them to a seamstress, anywhere that does alterations would be happy to sew down the exposed edges of your tablecloth curtains for you at a fairly reasonable price OR C. no sew hemming (my personal style, don’t judge) like fabric glue or Stitch Witchery, which I love. You literally just put the tape down where you want your hem, fold a bit of fabric over the edge, and IRON! It’s kind of like a tape that turns into a glue when you apply some heat. *sorry fellow seamstresses…I know you are just DYING right now reading this*

Here is a current pic of the wall in our living room with the updated paneling, and the famous tablecloth curtains! Now go get you some!!

Love you all, thanks for reading!


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