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A Mid-Century Set by Drexel Furniture

If you are a furniture painter, or just a thrifter in general, you know that a quality PAIR is really hard to come by! When I saw these two Drexel dressers, I knew I had to have them! Drexel Furniture is a brand that is well known in the vintage furniture industry, so if you can find a quality piece made by them, be sure to snag it up!

Another thing that stood out to me… was the lattice cabinet door fronts! I knew I could do some cool contrast work with that! The detail is amazing, and I’d say it turned out so great…take a look!

This lowboy was so long, it made it hard to get a great photo that fit in the frame! Keep scrolling for more photos of these pieces!

The inside panels on the lattice were screwed in and came out easily (thank goodness!), so I was able to sand them down to the natural wood! I also sanded down the top of this piece and kept it the natural wood tone as well. If you need help with sanding down a piece of furniture to it’s natural wood, or even to prep it for stain, I have a course on that! Find it HERE! The top of these dressers as well as the inside of the cabinets were both sealed with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in the finish Satin… find that product HERE. It’s my favorite top coat… it’s easy to lay down, and a beautiful solid finish!

Before picture of a tall dresser with lattice work, stained brown.

EEEK! I loved this tallboy right when I saw it! It’s a unique size, and I really liked the inside of the cabinets… I knew this piece could be really useful for someone, and especially as a set!

AFTER! Love this piece!
Surprise! Isn’t the inside of these cabinets so great! Love the storage options!

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Now I know you want to go paint something beautiful after seeing that transformation! Need some guidance? I have multiple courses that teach you how to properly refinish furniture like a pro… check them out HERE! My courses will lay out the whole process for you on how to restore a piece of furniture…beginning to end!

Thanks again for following along, and for always being so kind and encouraging! I appreciate you all! -Hailey❤️

5 thoughts on “A Mid-Century Set by Drexel Furniture”

  1. These finished pieces are gorgeous! I love the paint color but when I looked up Weathervane on the Wise Owl website their color looked much darker than this one. Did you mix your paint with a lighter color to create this beautiful grey?


  2. I just read the article and saw that you sanded them. Yours were screwed in , mine are put in another way. So I’ll have to figure that out. The furniture looks beautiful!


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