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Gray Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

Since this was my most “liked” piece of 2020- I figured I’d start the new year off with a post on how I finished up this beauty!

This piece caught my eye because of the metal hardware on the wood which I thought was a super cool and unique feature. If you look closely on the before photo, you can see that the top two drawers have a metal strip going through it to embellish the look of the pulls. There is also the diamond shape in the middle of the dresser, I knew that those additions would make this piece so neat!

It usually takes me several days or so to decide what I want to do with a piece of furniture. I mull it over, going back and forth with color and wood options. I went ahead and sanded down the top two drawers and the wood tone was amazing, so I knew some of it had to be left! From there I decided to also sand down the bottom piece just to pull everything together. I love when my vision starts coming to life! Take a look at the finished piece below and the products I used to finish it!

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This is the natural color of wood once previous finish was sanded off, and then sealed with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Satin. Curious on how to properly sand a piece of furniture down to the original wood tone?… I have a course on that!

The color of the paint is Soapstone by Fusion Mineral Paint, grab this paint color HERE. It is sealed with the same GF topcoat (which is my favorite top coat if you’re looking for a good one!). Find it HERE!

6 Drawer mid century dresser finished with gray paint and stained drawer fronts for the top two drawers.

Did you know that I have created a course teaching you all the steps to properly refinish a piece of furniture? It’s loaded with awesome information – Find it HERE.

I wanted the hardware and metal features to pop on this piece, so I decided to spray them with Rustoleum metallic gold, grab one HERE. I love the contrast of this gold on the color Soapstone, and then the warmth of the wood just really pulls it all together!

This was such a fun piece to refinish, and I love how it turned out! Let me know if you use this color combo, I’d love to see your projects! Thanks everyone for loving this piece so much!!! Here’s to 2021!!!


Before and after picture of a mid century modern dresser. After picture is painted gray

4 thoughts on “Gray Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover”

  1. I love this! Can you clarify if the blue paint used is Weathervane (Wise Owl Paint) or Soapstone (Fusion Mineral Paint)? Thanks!


  2. What an amazing transformation! This dresser turned out so beautiful. I am setting a goal to do a couple home improvement projects this year. I think we are going to start out with some kitchen cabinet painting. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful ideas! You are so inspiring!


  3. I love this! Wish my other furniture had this look. I bought this exact dresser for $40 and plan to do it in white to match my other furniture. Do you have any ideas where I can find the pulls? Missing one of the top ones.



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