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How to Paint Patio Furniture

Patio Table makeover with white paint

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Spring is finally here in the Midwest, and it is time to start doing more living outside! Every single year when Spring rolls around, I look around my yard and patio, and feel like I need buy new everything! Does anyone else feel that way?! Everything feels dark and dusty… and that is exactly how I felt about this metal outdoor table we’ve had for a few years. The DIY-er in me knew I could probably refresh it with paint, but honestly, I was concerned about the paint job not lasting because of it being outside in the elements. I ended up using General Finishes Antique White paint to give my patio table a makeover…. check out these Before and After pictures!



I am SHOCKED at how much of an impact this made on my patio. It looks fantastic, and it took no time at all! I’m also happy to report that’s it’s been living outside for the last year in the hot summer and even the cold snowy winter, and this table still looks JUST like this. No chips, no cracks in the paint…nothing!

Don’t ever doubt the power of paint…and how it can completely impact your space, indoors OR out!!!

Do you have wood furniture you would like to refresh with paint? I have a painted furniture course that will teach you all the steps to achieve beautifully painted furniture with professional results!

Talk to you guys soon! -Hailey

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