Snag up those thrifted framed pics!

Hey my friends!  Hope you guys are doing awesome and gearing up for summa time!☀️

So quick tip… while shopping at Goodwill, thrifting, garage saling… whatever it is you do… Don’t discard those huge ugly framed prints… look at the frame!  Can it be painted?  Is the frame cute but what’s inside the frame… not so much?!  Check out this Goodwill find… transformed into an awesome chalkboard sign.  Yes, you can paint glass and that’s what I do every single time I am DIYing a chalkboard sign.  Take a look…

I loved this frame because it has gold edges I love gold🎉  Also, you can’t really tell but there is also a linen type of material on the frame… super cute!

Now what’s inside the frame… not quite my style…😊 but we’re looking past that for now.  Also look past all the toys all over the floor👍

Tape off all edges of the frame.  I use this Rustoleum chalkboard paint.  I have had this stuff for SO long, as you can tell by all the build up on the inside of the can whoops!  Lots of openings and closings for this guy.

So then you paint… right on top of the glass.  Now sure, painted glass can scratch very easily… what I mean is that the paint scratches right off because the glass is so smooth.  So for this reason I do at least 4 coats of paint, letting it dry completely in between coats.  The most important part though… on your LAST coat, you must let it dry for 24 hours before you write on it with chalk.  Now I personally wouldn’t use a glass painted chalkboard as my daily write on and wipe off type of a thing.  For a sign, or an occasional phrase change, yes, totally fine. 

So this was a pretty BIG picture frame… I got it for $6.  So because of the size, I decided to add some small grapevine wreaths on each side.  I also added a bit of boxwood to them and some bright ribbon for color!  What do you guys think?!

DIY Chalkboard!
Snag up those thrifted picture frames!

To attach the ribbon to the back, I just use flat tacks and push it right through the ribbon into the frame!

Don’t forget, you don’t have to look for only oversized frames for this type of a project!  Little frames are great for this as well!  Put simple words or dates in them, and add it to your gallery wall!  Quick, easy, and inexpensive… my favorite way to craft! 👍

Talk soon my sweet friends!


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