So our TV broke…

So that’s how it all started.  Our main living room TV broke.  Our 2 year old, 60 inch, no longer under warranty TV 😣  And let me tell you, my husband is a fixer.  He fixes everything.  So like he does, he took the TV apart, fiddled around with it, ordered a new part, some kind of board for the inside of a TV…and he fixed it!!!  For 2 days it was fixed… then it broke again.  He fiddled with it some more…and decided it was just plain broken.  As in put your TV out with the garbage kind of broken.  Sad day in the Duncan house.

I don’t know about you guys but I personally am not a huge TV watcher.  Sure I have my favorite Netflix shows that I binge watch every now and again 🙋🏼… but for the most part… I’m more of a turn the music on vs. turn the TV on kinda gal.  John was once gone for 2 months straight for work, and I lost the remote and didn’t know how to manually turn on and navigate the TV… so I just didn’t… for 2 months… you’re getting my drift here right?

So John and I decided that we would NOT be replacing the TV.  Big decisions going on over here!  We also have a TV and couch set in our basement/play room… so we aren’t getting too crazy over here and becoming TV free or anything.

So naturally, I’m getting super exciting thinking YAY, I get to do something with my mantle/fireplace wall.  I knew that I wanted to make my fireplace look bigger… it looks so small on that big wall, and especially with no TV up above, it needs some umph.  See where I’m going with this?  We started looking into all types of wood paneling, shiplap, tongue and groove, real wood, fake wood, plywood and all the in between.  My original plan was to use tongue and groove wooden boards and paint them white… and then we saw this…. for a quarter of the price, and they were done.  No painting, no staining, nothing. Now these are FAUX tongue and groove wood boards… which I was a bit hesitant on… but for $30 I had to at least give it a shot.  Yes you read that right… it cost $30 to panel our whole fireplace wall.  $2 per board and we needed 15 boards.  (This price is also after sending in a mail in rebate)  These boards are from Menards, our local hardware store.

I came home, propped one of these bad boys up on my mantel so that I could get a good visual… and said, yep!  Let’s do it!  And when I say let’s do it!….what I mean is … John you can get started now!  

For those interested in my wall paint color, it is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt mixed at 80%.  It’s an awesome color because it goes with all the colors!!  It’s also considered a chameleon color because depending on the light and time of day, it can look blue, green or grey.  Love it. 

Love that guy ☝🏻

After lots of thought, I decided to go with a chunky 4 1/4 inch trim.  I wanted to make a statement, and I wanted it to look like an extension of the fireplace, not just a paneled wall.  We used unfinished trim that we painted Olympic Antique White (Lowes) in a semi-gloss.  The trim was a bit pricier than I had hoped it would be, we ended up spending about $60 on the 3 pieces.  $90 for the whole project though, I would say I’m happy with that….AND that’s a lot less than we would have paid for a new TV 😆  

So here is end result…. what do you think??

This ended up looking so awesome, I love it all.  Now I’m trying to decide what to hang over top….if anything at all.  Any suggestions?

Tell me about your fireplace wall!!!  Talk soon.


13 thoughts on “So our TV broke…”

  1. Your projects are so amazing and inspiring, especially as we’re currently in the middle of a kitchen/dining room/living room reno! How did you install it? Did you glue or nail it? I’m curious with the faux wood being prefinished.


    1. Hey Molly!
      So apparently real wood is not always perfectly straight…who knew?! My husband said it might be a little difficult to panel a wall with real and long wood planks because of that reason… but it can definitely be done. I was under the mindset that it had to be real wood for it to look good. I was a little hesitant on this faux wood but ended up loving it. My husband was also super happy I liked it because he said it would make the instal much easier. We used carpenters glue as well as finishing nails just on the outside edges. All of the wood was perfectly flat and laid nicely up against the wall. This wood also came in a light white/cream and also a darker wood finish. Without the rebate menards was having, this would have been actually more expensive than the real wood we were looking at so keep an eye out for that. The price dropped from $5 per plank to $2 which made a huge difference. Our other favorite choice was also at menards. It was the 6 or 8 inch tongue and groove boards that I would have had to paint or stain afterwards. Again, looking at them I could see that not all of them were completely straight, some seemed to bow up a it in the middle.
      Would love to see what you guys are doing over there! Let me know if you need more info! I’m happy to share!!


  2. Thank you for your reply!! That’s super helpful! We’ve been doing some work with real wood and running into the same issues so I really like the idea of this fake wood. Plus it would save me so much time in terms of not having to sand, prime, paint, etc. That becomes such a pain! I actually have three options for a dining room wall so I may text your for your opinion if that’s okay!! 🙂


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