Southern Charm

Let me tell you a little bit about my best friend Jenny… She is the sweetest, most caring, and really one of the happiest people I have ever met in my life.  She is a wonderful friend, mother, wife, and such a lover of Jesus.  Being around her makes my heart happy ❤️

I just got home from a week long trip visiting her and her family in Texas.  Her home is truly an inspiration, and I really just wanted to share it with you all… Don’t worry I got her permission first 😉

She has one of those homes that you walk through again and again, but every time you do, you notice something different.  Her taste is just spot on and truly so beautiful.  The coolest thing, is she said most of her decorations come from Hobby Lobby, Target, or Marshalls Home Goods, which is great news because we have all those stores here in Nebraska! 🙌 She is also a thrifter and a DIY-er… So she always has great ideas that we can use in our own homes.  Keep an eye out for more posts on her DIY’s.

I get ideas from her and am texting her pictures of my spaces asking for advise on a regular basis, so I hope this can inspire you like it does me.

So here we go…a little tour of all my favorite spots in her home….

Love this PLASTIC apothecary jar from -WalMart- that she fills with snacks for her kiddos on the island.  Tray and stacked plates for interest and dimention.

Homemade Roman shades… No sewing required!  There are many ways to do this… Search Pinterest for “no sew Roman shades” and find which way you prefer.  Large paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby.

She took the top drawers out of this old dresser where she added the baskets, refinished it, and replaced the knobs.

Isn’t is cute how she doubled up her rugs in here?  Jute bottom rug, and a smaller canvas pop of color on top.  Also, throw pillows on your end chairs!?…. So cute, and also a great way to add color, and easy to switch for different seasons.

Spanish moss in her mason jars for color and texture!…easy and cute!  This old wooden crate is always on her dining room table, but she always switches up the runner and the decor so it’s always new and interesting.  The runner is just a bit of fabric from hobby lobby cut and folded, maybe ironed, but no sewing needed!  Such a great way to throw in a pattern or some color.

Love this little space in her hallway going into the kitchen.  So simple, and easy to switch around too!

This picture is a good reminder that it’s okay to hang pictures sort of behind things like lamps on tables… And build up the wall with hanging decor.  Use your lamp as weight on the wall like if it were a hanging picture, and grow the wall from there.

Hanging plates… So cute.  Use sentimental china as decorations throughout your whole house rather than keeping it tucked away.  She also has chalkboards throughout her house that she is consistently changing the phrase to match the season or area.  Look up fonts online and copy them, you’d be surprised how well you can do!

My personal favorite space, love this whole area with the matching lamps, wreath and how it’s hung, tray, apothecary, family pics, refinished dresser… Love love.

Fireplace mantle… This American flag though.  She said she loves how it makes the space so casual, and I couldn’t agree more.  The white flowers for height and texture top this mantle off, I love it. ❤️

I love her stacking everywhere… Books, trays, plates, greenery… It’s just perfect.

I can’t even handle this…. She used mod podge and -wrapping paper!- on the small squares of these drawers!  I know there is at least one space in your home that needs this!!  What an easy and inexpensive way to add interest to a dull piece of furniture!

Love this idea for sugar and flour… You could use these apothecary jars for anything in your kitchen like coffee, k cups, suckers or snacks for the kids.  Specialize them for holidays like candy canes for Christmas or pastel saltwater taffys for spring and Easter.  Things like that are inexpensive ways to switch it up.

Large wicker bins under her tv stand for blankets, and a place to store extra throw pillows… But it adds color and interest to this large and otherwise empty space.

Don’t forget about old wooden chairs to decorate with. They are great accent pieces for a plant or just a cute throw pillow like she has here.

I have come home from my Texas vacation with a huge urge to switch up everything in my house and I love it!  Getting ideas from friends and other homes is just the best..and then being able to add your own special touches that make our spaces unique…there is nothing like it!!!  Thanks for reading, hoping your feeling as insipred as I do.


2 thoughts on “Southern Charm”

  1. Girl! What a post! You word everything so well! You can tell this is one of your passions 💗 You left out the part that YOU refinished several of my pieces! 😜 I love you sister!!! #blogon


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