Stay-cation alert!

So my hubby came home for the Memorial Day weekend and it was SO awesome having him here (as always).  Typically it’s all about the kiddos when he is home for a short weekend, but this time I was really longing for some time with just him.  Time to nurture our relationship without kids, and just remember the awesomeness of “us” and oh how I love us so much! ❤️

For my friends here in Nebraska, you guys have got to put this place down on your place to visit list…with or without kids!  The Lied Lodge in Nebraska City…it was so beautiful, and we had plenty to do right there at the hotel.  Beautiful trailed walks, serene views from bridges, wine tasting, gift shops…and all right there at the hotel which is built on the Arbor Day Farm.


Let me just tell you about the cutest little downtown lined with antique shops, diners, and stores stuffed with all kinds of old junk!  Seriously so amazing and fun…I also love that John walks in and out and all throughout these stores with me, half pretending to be interested …he’s a keeper!
So I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular… So I picked up a few pieces of milk glass, which can be hard to find these days.  I also found some amazing sterling silver trays, a couple gold lamps, and an old drawer that I’m now using as a tray on my kitchen table (think outside the box!) Take a look!!

So these trays, they were $2 each!!!  I mean, you can never have too many trays right?!  I use trays for so many spaces, any table with decor on it could always use a tray underneath.  Fresh flowers in a vase… Put a tray under it.  Jewelry and product in your bathroom…tray!  Don’t ever pass up a good deal on one!

These lamps… I don’t even have a place for them… Like literally no where in my house needs a lamp… But I couldn’t pass them up for $5 & $6 bucks!  Just nice to have when I want to switch things up!!

And my favorite finds of the weekend… All wrapped into one amazing little space!    And for those of you who know John, you can picture him saying this as we are rummaging around in these little shops…”When my baby wants some milk glass… We are going to find her some milk glass!!”  Love him.

Something about white glass and green succulents… Just makes my heart happy. Glass, $4 each.  Succulents from any garden center typically around $2-3 each.

And this drawer turned tray, $20…so versitile…so awesome.

Now go plan a stay-cation!!!  Who says you need to get on an airplane or take a long drive.  Even if you can get out with your love for the day… It’s a relationship that needs to be watered… Sometimes just that little bit of alone time without kids or distractions can spark some amazing feelings that maybe haven’t been felt for awhile! 


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